This is a hamburger that I made. I made it out of slabs and then I got it bisk fired and then I painted it to reflect the colors of that of a hamburger. I think it's pretty cool.

This is my lidded form/ bulbous pot. I made the pot on the wheel and then decided to glaze it. For the lid I just made a pinch-lid, which I then glazed.
This is my other bulbous pot that I made. It was supposed to have handles and a little spout, but they got broken off. I made it out of coils and then I glazed it with many types of glaze.

This is a potato flute I made. Firstly, I put a clay shell around a potato, and then I waited for it to harden and cut out the potato and put the two broken sides back together. Then I made the main hole above the smiley face and then I made the other air holes and I colored the whole thing with markers.
This is my self portrait. It looks like me, and it even moves like I do. I had it completley finished but then the yarn holding the right leg on broke and the leg fell and broke so I made another leg but I didn't color or attach it yet. I used yarn that corrisponded with the color of the markers I was using to color certain parts of the body.

This is my guitar that I made. It's a trompe eliole and a scuplture in the round. It didn't get fired in time, but I was going to paint it after it did get fired. It will be a sunburst pattern. I used mostly slabs to make the whole thing.