This picture is of my serving dish. It resembles a goldfish cracker, which is what I would be serving out of it. I painted it orange
and put clear glaze on it but something went wrong so it's not orange anymore.

This picture is of my perfect mug. I made it on the wheel and then I added on a handle before I got it fired. I then glazed it.

This is a picture of my stacked vase. I stacked some clay together to make it..

This is a picture of my drum that I made one Sunday morning. I first cut out a lengthy string of buffalo hide and then cut a large
circle of deer hide around about an inch larger than the space my ceramic drum that I made with coils took up. I then punched 16
holes into the deer hide circle, about a half inch in from the edge, and then I laid the deer hide onto the top of my drum, and I
started putting the buffalo hide string into the small holes I made previously from sides that were all the way across the circle
from each other. I did this until all sixteen holes had string in them and then I began to make the cross shaped handle you see
in the picture above.

This is a picture of my embellished pot. I made it out of coils and small clay balls, and I stacked them up in a small pattern. I then
glazed it and that was about it.